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Yoga Compression Garments specially designed to meet the most varied types of surgical procedures, your ideal compression, provides comfort, safety and convenience to the patient during the postoperative period.

Assists in retraction and accommodation of the skin in cases of liposuction and also in local edema and drainage, in the relief of pain and better healing in plastic surgery.

Support and postoperative stability of toráccicas surgery, abdominal and orthopaedic.

Assists in maintaining the lymphatic drainage of the upper limb in the post surgery of mastectomy.

In the recovery of burned, AIDS in healing of the skin and in the case of rootstocks, activating the skin circulation, favorings the formation of new tissue, preventing cutaneous adhesions, retractions, Keloids, protecting against infections and new traumas during healing.

Yoga compression stockings are indicated as adjuncts in the treatment and prevention of aggravations and complications, since normalizes blood flow, eliminating the swelling and the pain caused by tendinitis, cramps and muscle aches are alleviated substantially, by right compression exerted by the Yoga garments.

Mechanism of action: The YOGA products activate circulation, increasing the flow of nutrients moisturisers repairmen (collagen) for formation of new tissue. If the body releases (collagen/fibrin) in excess, it is important the compression on the SCAR to continue at the same level of the skin, avoiding deformations (Keloids).