3030/3015X - Yoga Post Surgery Front Fastening Bra Adjustable Straps

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Yoga Surgical Bra, wide straps, adjustable frontal fastening and expandable cups.

Our post surgery bras have no seams and it covers all the incision area to ensure no rubbing, comfort and quicker healing.


Breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast support, breast lift and for daily use.

are recommended by doctors in brazil and around the world for use as a sports bra post surgery.


Yoga post-surgery bras help giving firmness to the breast and accelerating the healing process.

It gives more support to the prothesis and a better shape to the new size breast.

In a natural and healthy way, the yoga exclusive fabric with your daily movements compress and massage the breast, activating blood circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage, subsiding swelling and eliminating toxins. 


90% polyamide, 10% spandex and lining 100% cotton.


Fabric specially developed for Yoga products, with perfect compression, support, wide straps that gives comfort and support bra.

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